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Monday, July 22, 2013


You may have been curious about the strange activity on the church front lawn: disappearance of the Peace Pole, orange cone on top of the iron post, hole in the ground, pressure treated post supported by three boards. Well, here's what's happening.

Unfortunately our Peace Pole was decaying and needed attention. Because of unforeseen delays, it went beyond being repairable.  Frankie Finnegan did a lot of research and planning to find a great replacement. Quent Jarvis volunteered to take down the old pole and put up the new one. It has become quite a project because of the 12 inches of cement securing the iron post. After Quent dug out the block, Joe Risko managed to get it out of the large hole so Quent could install the new pressure treated post which will support the new pole. It should be "planted" this week. Take a look when you are at the church next time. 
Formal dedication will be in Sept. as part of out Eighth Annual Celebration for Peace. There are exciting things happening on Fri., Sept. 20 and Sat., Sept. 21. Watch for further bulletins and circle these dates on your calendar.

All this has required more money than we want to take from the Social Justice account, which largely goes for MainSpring lunches and other charities. The total cost, assuming there are no further needs, is $249.71 - $160 for the pole with "May Peace Prevail on Earth" inscribed in 8 languages, $40 shipping and $49.71 Home Depot (the pressure treated post, concrete mix, a mixing tub, a cement tube, some bricks, pebbles and boards to support the post}. If you would like to donate toward this project, please make a check out to First Parish with SJC in the For line and give it to Betty Gilson. Or give her cash if you prefer.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam, Shanti. 

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