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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Works by Mark Young " Past, Present and future". Fifty years in art.

Library show; starting Monday January 5th through February 29th, 2015.
Works by Mark Young " Past, Present and future". Fifty years in art.
This is the kickoff of the " Studio and Art Center, Inc" . A new non-profit
organization to teach art, metal sculpture, painting and the other disciplines in art, Bridgewater Ma.

Library show:
There are 25 paintings and sculptures of several phases of my career, with my all newest works belonging to the The Studio & Art Center, Inc.

This show kicks off an offering of these works for sale to fund the new school. Corporate sponsors as welcome and Interior Designers, ASID and Architects etc. Commercial and residential commissions available for large projects.

Some of these works are from 1963 forward, are from the Collection of Meghan R. Young and Samuel J, Young ( In trust). There will be other shows and I will post the dates and locations.

Classes: I taught at the Fuller Museum here in Brockton, Ma. when I first came here in 2000. I will be rejoining them and others here, to set up a school to teach art. I will teaching metal sculpture, painting and the School will also feature other Instructors. I am in the process of negotiating on one of two buildings and will have this set up for spring 2015,

Contact through:

Please come and visit on January 17th at the Library, 10 am to 2pm. I will be there for the day.