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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rev. Ed speaks for Equality

Some members of First Parish marched during the Rally for Equality at Bridgewater State University on Tuesday. Rev. Ed Hardy was invited to speak.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rally Against Hate Crime -- BSU Tuesday, Feb. 21

The BSU community will be coming together at 11 a.m. Tuesday for a rally against the recent hate crime that took place on the campus. Details of the rally are at:

An AP article from describes the attack and the initial university response:

BRIDGEWATER, Mass.-Authorities are trying to identify two people who attacked a writer for the student-run newspaper at the largest state university in Massachusetts because of an opinion piece she wrote in support of same-sex marriage.
Bridgewater State University spokesman Bryan Baldwin said on Saturday that the assailants approached Destinie Mogg-Barkalow on campus. The man questioned her about the article titled "Prop 8 generates more hate" before the woman accompanying him punched the victim, leaving her with a bruised eye Thursday evening.
No one has been arrested and authorities are investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.
University President Dana Mohler-Faria sent an email to the whole school condemning the attack and reminding everyone authorities will not tolerate any actions that impede or curtail the rights of members of the campus community to express themselves freely.

The article that precipitated the attack appeared in The Comment on February 15, and is entitled Prop 8 Generates More Hate

Members of First Parish have signed letters of support to the university president and to the victim of the attack. First Parish members will also be participating in Tuesday's march and rally on the campus.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special Music on Sunday

The Capriol Consort, an eight-member recorder ensemble will be providing the music for this Sunday's service. Members of the Consort include our own Music Director Denise Haskins, and church member Pam Hayes-Bohanan. The ensemble is lead by Dr. Marcia Anderson.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate, Flowers, and Slavery -- Movie Night

The following announcement is from the Social Justice League at Bridgewater State University. The films are being shown in the Moakley Auditorium this Wednesday, February 8, starting at 7:00 p.m. See the event announcement for more information.

What are you getting your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? The usual chocolate and flowers?

This Valentine's Day, take a deeper look at your consumer choices. The Social Justice League will be hosting a double-feature movie night roughly a week before Valentine's Day to raise awareness about the labor conditions in the chocolate and flower industries.

Film 1: "The Dark Side of Chocolate: Child Trafficking and Illegal Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry" - A recent film investigating how chocolate manufacturers like Hershey and Cadbury have turned a blind eye to child trafficking and slavery on African cocoa farms.

Film 2: "Colombia: Flowers for the Gringo" - A film that reveals the tenuous nature of the flower industry by taking a look inside the world of Colombia’s flower growers, in particular those who work the hardest for the lowest pay.

Please attend this informational movie night to learn the truth behind that Hershey's bar and bouquet of roses, as well as learn more about WHAT YOU CAN DO to stop the injustice!