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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Opening of The Hive!

Quentin Jarvis performing the ribbon cutting honors with our DRE Sara Williams and RE Committee Chair, Laurie Lessner.

The view inside.

From today - 
Welcome to the grand opening of The Hive! The RE Committee is very excited to finally reveal this much awaited addition. Of course we wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Frank Yeatman. Frank made this happen with his research, organization, enthusiasm, crossed T’s, and much more. He didn’t give up our dream to expand our capacity for education. We're very lucky to have so many people wanting our extra space to succeed, from increasing pledges to giving monetary and material donations, to performing the physical labor to meet codes and turn a big box into a habitable building. And of course our DRE Sara, who’s working to turn the inside into comfortable, attractive classrooms.

The extra space we get with The Hive is one of the steps we need to grow First Parish. The Hive will help attract new families and encourage them to come into our lovely community. Their helping hands will help us carry out the important work we all do here at First Parish and new people will continue to keep our atmosphere vibrant and help take it into the future.

I don’t think we’ll make that mistake, and luckily we have people here who agree and will continue to work on improving our wonderful beginnings.

We’re happy to have Quentin Jarvis, the builder of this deck and representative of the facilities committee, do the honor of cutting the ribbon and officially opening The Hive!