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Monday, July 6, 2015


ECO-FRIENDLY AIR FRESHENER Check out the new eco-friendly air freshener making its debut this month in the Unisex bathroom. The freshener contains lavender essential oil, baking soda, and water. The GSC is seeking small pump spray bottles (5-6 oz.) for the freshener. Please contact Debbie ( if you can help with smaller bottles (perhaps recycled from hair products, etc.)!! For the present time, the spray bottle will be a larger size.

 BOYCOTT BOTTLED WATER THIS SUMMER! ~Boycotting bottled water means you support the idea that public access to clean, safe water is a basic human right. We don't need to pay a corporation for it. Perhaps the most important feat of engineering ever devised by humans, access to clean water, comes right out of your faucet every day, and for that we are fortunate. Drink it!
- The commodification of water also means that the planet is being polluted by those obnoxious plastic bottles. Use (and re-use) a refillable water bottle instead. Make it a habit to bring a bottle filled with ice water with you each day as you leave your home.
 ~Have a happy and hydrated summer!