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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Are you recycling? Of course, but there are many myths about what can be recycled. The ADCouncil has some mythbusters for some of the most commonly recycled materials. Go to the site to find more mythbusting tips:

Myth: The tab is the only part of the can that is recycled.
Fact: The entire can is recyclable! In fact, it is better to keep the tabs on the can to ensure it makes it through the recycling process.

Myth You need to remove all labels before recycling glass containers.
Fact: You do not need to remove the labels on glass bottles before recycling them. The heat generated in the manufacturing process removes the labels.

Myth: You must remove your beverage container cap before recycling.
Fact: Remember: Recyclers want your caps and lids, too. Tip: Because caps can slip off conveyer belts during the recycling process, so when you empty a bottle crush it, cap it, and toss it in the recycling bin.

Myth: You are required to remove staples, labels and stickers from direct mail before recycling.
Fact: You don’t need to remove staples, labels or stickers from paper products. This material is removed during the recycling process.

Myth: Compost piles are smelly, attract pests and rodents and take a long time to be ready for reuse.
Fact: A properly managed compost pile will not attract pests and rodents and can take as short as six to eight weeks to create usable compost.

Myth: It is important to bag your grass clippings and dispose of them in a compost pile when mowing your lawn.
Fact: An alternative to bagging your grass clippings is to mow your lawn so that the grass clippings are never more than two or three inches tall so you can leave the grass clippings where they fall to decompose.