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Friday, February 25, 2011

Adult Choir Information

Lisa Rue recently met with those interested in the adult choir, which always welcomes new members. She asked that the following information about the choir schedule be shared on the blog. Choir members with email will have already received this information.

Rehearsals will take place weekly before church. Warm ups will begin at 9:15. Please be on time. I look forward to joining you for rehearsal two times each month, and rehearsing with the Ringers two times each month.  The fourth rehearsal each month will combine both music groups. The monthly music plans are as follows:
  • First Sundays:  Choir rehearses hymns and an anthem with Marika, and leads hymns in the Service. 
  • Second Sundays: Choir rehearses anthems with Lisa and Marika, and sings an anthem in the service
  • Third Sundays:   Choir rehearses hymns and an anthem with Marika, and leads hymns in the service.  Lisa rehearses separately with the Ringers.
  • Fourth Sundays: Choir and Ringers rehearse together with Lisa and Marika, and sing/play together in the service.

Scheduled Music:
          March 6: 
          March 13: “Over My Head”
          March 20:
          March 27: “Wake Now My Senses”

          April 3:
          April 10: “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee”
          April 17:
          April 24: (Easter) “Hallelujah” (Cohen)

          May 1:
          May 8: (Mothers Day) “Just As Long As I Have Breath”
          May 15:
          May 22: “Spring Has Now Unwrapped Her Flowers”
          (May 29: Memorial Day Weekend/Separate music planned)

          June 5: “Today”
          June 12: (RE Sunday/Separate music planned)
          June 19: (Fathers day)

***Hymns will be TBA, depending on the service leaders for each Sunday,
and what is requested....***

In consideration of choral practice, it is expected that those who are present for an anthem rehearsal, or who have rehearsed hymn music independently, will be the members that are singing in the service that day. 
Thank you for respecting this expectation.

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