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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raina Terry Story

Photo: Emily J. Reynolds
The Brockton Enterprise reporter Maria Papadopoulos recently wrote about Raina Terry's October 10 presentation during our morning worship service. The service -- entitled "Raina's Dream" -- was dedicated to promoting racial equality, acceptance, and justice. Raina is a Bridgewater teen who spoke of the isolation and taunting she experienced as the only African American student in her middle-school class in Bridgewater. Her hope is to promote a better future for other children growing up in this community, and vision shared by First Parish and its First Principle Project.

Rebecca Hyman of the Bridgewater Independent also covered this story, in an article entitled Raina's Dream, and had written about Raina's case in a 2009 article entitled Through Raina's Eyes.

Note: Because the Enterprise permits anonymous comments on its online news stories, the reader comments below this story include affirmations and reasonable questions, but also some offensive remarks.

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